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Counseling and Psychological Services Internship Program
Interns will have opportunities to develop administrative skills as part of other responsibilities. Working with campus consultation or in implementing a group, the intern might make decisions regarding program development, resource planning, staffing, and follow-up. Interns will also be involved in the general administrative decision-making process in the agency. This includes participation in planning workshops, participation in weekly faculty meetings, and serving on the intern selection committee.

CAPS regards research and ongoing program evaluation as integral to service provision. We periodically conduct a survey review of client satisfaction and other forms of program evaluation regarding both service delivery and training. Each intern cohort will receive brief training in program evaluation and be responsible for conducting a program evaluation project. In addition, interns will regularly track and review their clients’ treatment progress and outcomes through a formal measure.

Interns are encouraged to remain active in their own research during the internship year. Computer access, library privileges, and consultation are available to support research and dissertation projects.