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Counseling and Psychological Services Internship Program
Interns share fully in the therapeutic mission of Counseling and Psychological Services. While most direct service takes the form of individual counseling or psychotherapy, we also work with couples and groups. Interns have the opportunity to provide both long and short term counseling. Theoretical orientations of staff include cognitive behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic, constructivist, emotion-focused, systems, DBT, multicultural, feminist, and integrated approaches.

As a function of its rural rather than urban setting and reduced availability of community resources, the agency operates as the primary mental health facility for most students. CAPS does not impose a strict session limit for clients. Rather, each case is managed to provide the appropriate treatment modality and length of services. Center clientele present with a full spectrum of problems, from the more frequent relationship, identity, or developmental issues to major affective, anxiety, psychotic or personality disorders. Clients also present with eating disorders, PTSD,  substance use problems, and abuse/assault survivor issues, among others.

We emphasize a coordinated approach to treatment. Staff frequently consult with campus physicians and other primary care practitioners on therapeutic management of cases seen in both agencies. At times, effective treatment requires consultation and coordination with local medical providers, community mental health and substance dependency treatment center staff, and other community resources. The intern’s crisis intervention responsibilities may also involve contact with telephone crisis workers, police, and other mental health professionals.