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Counseling and Psychological Services Internship Program
Counseling and Psychological Services faculty have a strong interest in groups and routinely offer skills-based, support, and process groups to clients. At the start of each semester, the faculty and interns discuss possible group offerings. These are typically determined by a combination of requests from client populations, other service providers’ interests, faculty and intern expertise, and traditional needs. Groups frequently offered include Understanding Self and Others, Mindfulness, Body Acceptance, GLBT Support, and Recovering Together from Family Distress (ACOA). Workshop series on Navigating Distress and Mood Management Skills are regularly offered as a primary therapy mode for low distress individuals. Structured workshops in such areas as test anxiety or anger management are provided to campus agencies or requesting groups.

As a group co-leader, the intern will work with senior staff members and/or graduate students in the preparation and implementation of the group. These activities may well involve developing the group, publicizing and screening for it, as well as co-leading. Trainees leading groups receive supervision from the faculty group co-facilitator or a designated Groups Supervisor.