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Counseling and Psychological Services Internship Program
WSU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) operates within the philosophy of Student Affairs, which emphasizes helping students become integrated into the total academic, social, and cultural environment of the university. CAPS seeks to promote the intellectual, emotional, and social growth and development of WSU students.

Central to CAPS’ philosophy is value for the worth of every individual and respect for human diversity, including (but not limited to) race, sex, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, gender, religion, class, philosophy, and culture. In the belief that individuals who are well adjusted personally, socially and psychologically benefit most fully from the offerings of the university environment, CAPS staff work to assist students with obstacles that interfere with academic development.

The philosophy of the unit is embodied in the statement “helping students help themselves.” Counselors work to assist students to develop lifelong skills that are essential in achieving and maintaining academic and personal competence. The agency as a whole serves as a resource within the University for promoting student well-being as well as a positive and supportive environment within which students can live, learn, play and work.

The primary mission of CAPS is to assist students with problems and concerns that interfere with daily functioning, academic development and persistence toward degree. Through developmental, remedial and preventive interventions, students are aided in addressing psychological, personal, social and academic related concerns. A testing program is maintained to help students with ADHD, LD, and psychological assessment.

Also central to the mission of CAPS is the training of doctoral interns and advanced graduate students in Psychology. The unit offers supervised training experiences, with an emphasis upon clinical service informed by practice, theory and research.