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Counseling and Psychological Services Internship Program
We use a contracting process at the start of each semester that is designed to keep the focus on our training philosophy and on the interns’ training needs and professional considerations, while integrating these with Counseling and Psychological Services’ overall mission. The intern and the Training Director use a series of individual meetings to develop a weekly schedule specifying general responsibilities as well as those unique to each intern. We attempt to establish a contract for a commitment of 40 hours per week.

In a typical week, each intern can expect to:

  • Provide 11-13 hours of therapy (individual, group, and possibly couples)
  • Cover 3 hours of walk-in services
  • See up to 1 IMPACT client (sanctioned alcohol/drug violation intervention)
  • Receive 2 hours of individual supervision
  • Receive 1 hour of group supervision
  • Receive 1 hour of supervision of supervision
  • Participate in one 1.5 hour Special Topics seminars
  • Engage in 4 hours of Testing activities (actual testing or report-writing)
  • Provide 1.5 hours of supervision to a doctoral-level practicum counselor
  • Devote 3 hours to a minor rotation experience
  • Attend 1.5 hour faculty meeting

Other scheduled supervision, training, and service activities include:

  • Bi-weekly 1.5 hour intern process meeting
  • Bi-weekly, 1.5 hour Supervision of Groups
  • Bi-weekly, 2.0 hour Testing Seminar/Supervision
  • Monthly, 2.0 hour Ethics Seminar
  • Monthly, 2.0 hour Diversity Seminar
  • Twice per semester, 1.5 hour All-Agency Diversity Training. Each semester, two interns co-facilitate the second diversity training for practicum counselors; faculty support is provided
  • On-call services – approximately 3 weeknights/month and 2 weekends/semester; back-up consultation is available from faculty and other professionals
  • Outreach presentations – approximately 4 per semester
  • Consultation services – as needed